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Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Saturday, August 6 2005, 8:27:07 (CEST)
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...over the weekend, at a meeting I had with some was suggested that if I stoped calling people dogs and rats and "attacking" or "insulting" them, I would be welcome at aina.

So, I agreed. My posts still have to be monitored by the moderators...and if there are none of the above, they'll let them on.

Now you might wonder why I would agree to this...they have a very narrow audience and not that many people reading there...the place isn't ecactly crackling with energy. Most of the posts are re-posts from somewhere else...several links are posted...and the usual call to arms that demand someone do something about something "urgently"!!

My preference would be to get rid of all these competing forums and have one...and I don't care whose it is or how popular it makes them...I'd shut this place down in a heartbeat. It would demonstrate that we are serious about coming together..not in lock-step formation but just that we are able to tolerate opposing views...the kind of thing Firas says he HOPES for in Iraq...that you would think we would do here in America.

Besides which the use of scurrilous language was something I did separate those who would go through some garbage in order to stick to the point...because anyone who leaves off a discussion over issues to comment about your use of epithets is nothing more than your maiden uncle, blushing coyly as he backs into a doorknob...and likes it...

The issues were always there to be discussed...and it was instructive to see who was desperately glad to have a swear word to object to as a way of avoiding the whole point...and, of course, those who skipped my silly stuff, like Stella so delightfully did, to stay focused were a bonus.

Let's see how people over there can handle the ideas, stripped of the things that gave them an excuse for the fan tods and the need for smelling salts as one hero after another fainted dead away at the salty language.

It shows some bit of progress...because ideas are far more devastating than cuss words ever were...and it's good to know that after four years...aina is willing to open up just a little bit.

Besides...I can always skin the bastards alive over here. In reality the whole thing is only underlines what nervous nellies these wannabe Assyrians are...can you imagine someone telling a soldier in Sargon's army to tone it down lest he offend his troops?

But that's okay entire self-appointed mission is to use these people themselves as the best part of my case...that if THIS is Christianity...then it has been an unmitigated disaster for us.


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