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four out of five dentists....
Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Monday, August 8 2005, 8:19:17 (CEST)
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...the curious thing about advertising and product promotion is that we KNOW they are lying...we know that "mom" is paid to say those things to her "children" who she never met till they were hired to play a loving family. Yet advertising is critical because people need to hear the BEST lies. For nothing will convince them better than a BEST lie...a BIGGEST lie...while the truth will kill the economy and cost them their jobs.

I wonder how years of deciding how to spend your hard earned cash...which is increasingly the only thing left in our "lives" that we value...based on lies that we KNOW are lies...even as we decide to be taken in by the best and BIGGEST, prepared us to be "led"?

That pounding hammer in the brain that slows to a stop when the cartoon pills are swollowed by a bald a cutout profile of a headache sufferer...the woman stunned to find the stains gone...the corporation that croons in your ear that YOUR welfare is all they live for...the list of lies we depend upon daily and nightly too to help us spend the money we trade our living moments for, is long and growing ever longer.

Is there a connection between not recognizing the lies about asprin, diets, cereals, make-up AND lies about Bush...about Iraq...about WMDs...? If we KNOW we are being lied to about soap and don't care, just so long as we get the BEST liar to sell us his soap...are we able to discern any difference when we buy a politicians biggest lies? The thing is we HAVE to wash with SOMETHING...we have to buy SOMEBODY's we also have to buy somebody's lies about who we are?

American soldiers are shaking down Iraqi merchants...we've tortured people in Iraq as we claim Saddam did...there isn't a crime anywhere we haven't committed in Iraq...the salespitch was a lie from the one with half a head believed we were spending trillions and getting ourselves killed to save DARKIES! We went along with it because it was a paid ADVERTISEMENT for a product we THOUGHT we were getting...US! An image of ourselves as wonderful, kind, generous, righteous CHRISTIANS...a product so dear to our hearts and so NECESSARY to us at a time when our own culture is exposing its that headache in the cartoon only much BIGGER...that we're ready to swallow anything to relieve the long as it's the BEST lie money can buy.

...and...what was the matter with that fifth dentist anyway?


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