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Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Thursday, August 4 2005, 16:24:42 (CEST)
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...he signed something or other that says farm workers...meaning the Mexicans we depend upon to keep our food prices low, will now have "protection". During the hot days they will have the right to go under a shady spot provided by the employer, to rest for a few minutes. One just died by being driven even faster on a hot day.

Anyone who's ever worked in the sun knows what it's nice as this is of this white man...there is no relief UNLESS you get almost faint. Then you get a few you can go back out and almost get faint again.

A hat is hardly protection when you're in the sun all may make things less intense...but hats and clothing heat up too. It would seem that shade on you WHILE you work would be more to the point...but let's go slow here.

And they say the reason for all the intense efforts to keep illegals out is because they steal "our" jobs...right. What white kid do you know who would work under those conditions? If they even don't suppose you'd hear about "near-slavery" conditions...or that a union wouldn't be formed or at the least a lawsuit?

By focusing on the ILLEGALITY of the very people we depend upon, whom we WON'T give legal status to so we can hound them and threaten them so they dare not organize or strike for better conditions...we achieve what the aim was all along..which was NOT to keep them out so "we" can do the work...but to make a terrified and docile labor pool we can abuse at will.


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