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Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Monday, August 8 2005, 7:58:33 (CEST)
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...photosynthesis...the process by which a blade of grass makes chlorophyl...its food. Science figured out how the lowly blade of grass...genius that it is, can take water, dirt and sunlight and make complex sugars and stuff.

Science knows THAT the grass does it...they can even mimic the process in a lab...but that still doesn't explain WHY...why it SHOULD do it. You can say, "because grass has to eat somehow and it can't drive" it had to come up with photosynthesis...that's not the "miracle" part...a miracle can't be can figure out the components and the processes...but it can't give a single good explanation of WHY any of this should exist...not even down to the atomic level.

People didn't know how babies were made once...then they figured it out...but that doesn't explain just describes the mechanics of it. A religious miracle does does nothing but say you don't need to look behind anything...god did it all and his ways are mysterious...a sure fire way to keep people voting Republican.

Even if we knew where or how or why the first solitary atom came STILL doesn't explain a thing about what's behind it all. That's the thing we'll never understand till we die, maybe...and we won't understand it in any traditional way we think of "understanding" things now.

There is a mystery...a vast, beautiful, unimagineable mystery behind all of this that religion cheapens with carnival sideshow explanations and whistles and didn't happen by had no design either...and no hairy beast of a god made it...we can NEVER know the secret of it because we are human and separated forever from that sort of understanding by LIFE. Life gets in our way. Life is to be lived ON is not designed for seeing past itself.

Life opens to us the mundane and sublime facets of LIVING...the true mystery awaits us only through the portal of is nothing to be afraid more so than a baby about to be born fears a life it can in no way imagine...given the choice, not a single baby would choose to be born for everything we experience in life would sound terrible or meaningless to it and far removed from the comfort and security of its mother's womb...we have those same fears when faced with leaving our mother earth...we fear dying as a baby would fear being born.

It's a pity too....BUT, in order to die well you have to have lived well...and that's easier to do than you'd think.

ps. SOMEBODY give Peter a blowjob and get him OFF our backs!!! Please.


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