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how did THIS happen...?
Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Friday, August 5 2005, 17:03:01 (CEST)
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Washington Post: Iraq Must Avoid a Rollback of Rights

Posted By: Fred Aprim (
Date: Thursday, 4 August 2005, at 7:10 p.m.


Iraq Must Avoid a Rollback of Rights

By Preeta D. Bansal and Nina Shea
Thursday, August 4, 2005; A23

Iraq's new democracy will be crippled from the outset if the drafts of the
country's permanent constitution being circulated are any indication of
where things are headed. In a significant rollback from language in the
interim constitution, known as the Transitional Administrative Law (TAL),
current drafts would threaten regional stability and thwart stated U.S.
goals of promoting freedom and democracy.

...first of all America isn't interested in freedom and democracy anywhere...barely even in let's get over this one real fast. The TAL was drawn up at the point of a gun with everyone sgreeing to anything in order to get rid of the Americans...and finally...if a nation made up of a majority of Shiia s...Christian Fundamentalists or Nazis and they "choose" any type of constitution they want and ratify it by majority can hardly say they weren't "free" or "democractic" because YOU don't like their majority decision.

...take the gun fromtheir heads and Shiia will FRELLY and DEMOCRATICALLY vote this way...what's the problem? For how many years were Afro-Americans dismayed at the way "freedom and democracy" worked in the United States?

They would establish a
constitution under which dissent and debate would not be protected. dissent and debate allowed at aina? Why should a Shiia Iraq allow what aina won' the United States? Neen just posted his irritation that a person, "not wanted" would keep trying to speak up anyway...why can't the Shiia use that same argument against the Christians of Iraq? Why can't they simple state that the point of view of the Christians of Iraq is not "popular"...or wanted by them? Why not? What is the difference? Either people have a RIGHT to express themselves freely where they wish...or aina is full of shit.

As the
deadline for a constitution approaches, the United States and the
international community must redouble their efforts to ensure that an
Iran-like theocratic state is not established in Iraq

...they just went to great of trouble to ensure that it WOULD??? Can we cut the bullshit fellas...comeon...this is getting tiresome. A democracy in such a country MEANS this kind of rile of Law...there is nothing that can be done...Firas himself said that ANY democracy in Iraq is better than a Saddm style dictatorship...well, enjoy your democracy.

..there is nothing the United States can do about that will not anger the Shis MORE...and we've done quite enough already. This democracy of the Shiia will drive out more Christins than anything else the boys ever dreamed of...and I still say it's a blessing in disguise. Let them all join Aprim and Firas Ross in the West.


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