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Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Monday, August 8 2005, 19:23:17 (CEST)
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Website title: American soldier has died each day...never mind the Iraqis killed, they'll thank us Firas points out...also never mind the billions spent...all of it to ensure a Shiia government in Iraq and an independant Kurdistan.

If the majority of Muslims had any doubts about the evil of Christianity...especially the evil of American Christianity...their doubts have been washed away with their children's blood.

I have no use for "evil"'s just shorthand for permission to kill a man's the children don't grow up like Daddy...who was himself "beyond mere crime" it must be in the genes etc.

Simple criminality suits me fine...and in extrememe cases, like this war against the children of Iraq, "heinous crime" will do. But from a fundamentalist perspective, what MORE does a nation have to do to qualify as Evil than starve children to death? It's just this side of those Nazi experiments to see how long it takes starving and cold children to was done for "science" and the other was a "policy" for making grieving parents rise up and topple a dictator. The same thing any way you look at...more instances of the unbelieveable crimes against humanity Christians have committed wholesale, while picking apart the Jews for "killing" ONE Jew..and the Muslims for fighting back against Christian crimes.

Congratulations to our boys who are either SO cruel as to support anything that hurts a Muslim Assyrian, or SO stupid they'll do anything that hurts a Muslim Assyrian. Take your choice.

It suited their peculiar "morality" to look the other way when the Christians they called upon to murder innocent Muslims...killed thousands of Christians as well. Their agenda was to get MUSLIMS to kill they could hump their martyrs to death all over again...and part of their "special" relation to Bush was that they must keep silent about "collateral damage". It's funny the Christians killed by Muslims are NEVER collateral damage, that's another thing Christians insist is exclusively their's.

This is their kind of "strategy"...for WHINING "their rights".


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