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Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Sunday, August 7 2005, 21:11:43 (CEST)
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Website title: isn't enough to say we dropped the bomb to "impress" the Russians...that's a pretty namby pamby statement...what does in mean, in THIS context, to want to "impress" the Russians with a bomb that vaporizes people?

We wanted to THREATEN the show them what we could do to THEM! A Japaneses military target would not have done the same trick...we had to level buildings and vaporize children...isn't that what the whole nuclear threat was about? When was it ever about blowing up military bases?

We also had to rush to keep the Russians from fulfilling their treaty obligations to US...made with them at a time when we weren't so sure we could defeat the Japanese we never would have defeated Germany without the Russians...who actually beat Hitler.

After the war we aimed thousands of nuclear missles at Soviet cities...not military bases...from Turkey and elsewhere...and WE were the ones saying we wuz scared of the Soviets!!! We were the ones to use the damn "impress" people with no less.

America never had reason to fear an attack from the Soviet Union..what they feared was that communist ideology and the effective critique of American capitalism might find a way of making a workable alternative to the kind of cuthroat capitalism that SPAWNED Marxist ideology to begin with. They wanted no criticism of their they still don't.

It was the same with the Hayes Act...when Congress created a board to review films for objectionable content...before that time there weren't ONLY "too many" films with scantily clad females with flapper morals...that was the reason given...but we all know these moral types are fucking everything that moves was the pretext and they all went right on having it anyway...what they DIDN'T want Americans to have was the chance to see serious criticism of capitalism and the culture American business was dictating more and know damn well people don't go home at night and engage in "morally loose communism"...that had to be stomped out at the movies so it COULDN'T be practised at home, behind closed shutters...the sex thing was a one wanted to stop sex..they wanted to stop alternative views of American capitalism being aired.


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