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Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Wednesday, August 3 2005, 16:37:46 (CEST)
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Website title: was good while it lasted...they've got that notice back up when I try to post, thnking me but saying the moderator will have to approve it can bet hot and heavy emails and calls in the night were going out all over Assria..."protect us...oh won't someone please protect us"! And these same people are going to DEMANDSES! Why should anyone give them a damn thing? All you have to do is "insult" them and they'll be gone.

It wasn't a waste of time...every so often it does good to show them for what they are...and to keep doing it. Their words after always seem more hollow...even Aprim might show up, come out from hiding and "answer" fact there could be a slew of answers now....and "dares" for me to reply...these be Assyrians? I think not.


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