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making hay while the blood shines...
Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Saturday, August 6 2005, 18:03:33 (CEST)
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Website title: about your nationalistic scam!

8/2/2005 23:16:33
AssyriaTimes Staff Writer

A committee of professional Assyrian Iraqi Lawyers specialized in land dispute has been established in Iraq to help their brethrens reclaim their lost or stolen lands.

This committee is sponsored by the Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party Assyrian (BNDPA) and Assyrian cultural center in Baghdad. This group of specialist will review all property loss claims and land disputes and represent their client in Iraq to recover any lost property.

If you live in Diaspora and have lost your property in Iraq during the past few decades of crisis, wars, Arabization, or Kurdification, you may file a claim by contacting this committee of Lawyers. The initial fee to start your case is $200 U.S Dollars.

You may contact Mr. Sargon Fiador Hanna, Attorney of Law, at one of the following two branches in Iraq:

Baghdad, Iraq
Assyrian Cultural Center
Tel: 790-181-2482

Nohadra, Iraq
Assyrian Cultural Center
Tel: 750-457-8390

...can you imagine a more DEAD CASE than these sorts of "claims"? There's a sucker born a minute...a lot faster in Assria.


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