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oil "shortage" but plenty of gas...
Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Monday, August 8 2005, 15:40:44 (CEST)
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...what a crock. The Saudi "king" dies and there might be a prices must rise...just exactly why his death should cause the Saudis to need less oil money is's like the coffee "shortage" of a few years back...producers merely stored the stuff away and said they just HAD to raise prices because the supply was less than the demand..or like Enron's scheduling repairs on almost all its power plants at the same they could have an excuse to shut them there'd be an energy "shortage" all cases the supply is manipulated to justify an "adjustment"..which means we get screwed.

Oily people must HUNT for any pretext to tell us the supply is "threatened"...turns out there'll be enough gas at the pump anyway...just at a higher price...but we deserve it...if we're going to screw Iraq, let us get shafted at the pump.

Capitalism is no longer about mom and pop opening a shop and creating a few jobs along with goods and've got to be rich already to start a business these days. The largest chains have driven the small businessman out...corporations are made of directors who merely want the greatest return and they'll gladly gut the company if it means more profit to's merely a way to enslave more people...people who wouldn't know what to do with themselves if a corporation didn't buy them and feed them.

Think of any store in your town...whatever it provides will someday soon be done for you by a mega-store. The five and dimes went out...the small mercantiles, the emporiums...dry cleaning stores could be consolidated into one huge chain..."lower prices" that way...almost any business could go the way of the corner hardware store replaced by a Home Depot For Asia...sure their prices are less because they buy in bulk from China...but look at what it means for our own towns and cities in the long run...lower rices today come from lost jobs yesterday. This is capitalism gone wild, reverting to a king of Feudal system in which independence is illusiory and re-packaged you're "expressing yourself" when you act just like 23 million other "individuals".


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