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out of the closet and into the wooods...
Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Wednesday, August 3 2005, 21:48:15 (CEST)
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...Fred Aprim is is Wellfed Alkhass and so is Peter The Rabbit. There is nothing wrong with being's as normal as being best friend is Queer and Emil is a pal to be proud of.

...I just wanted to be mean by telling on them.

...I can rid the field of these "patriots" who run the fastest when there's trouble. I got rid of that great Assyriodoodle Robert DeKelaita...a cousin of mine we try to live down. He used to post all about HIS love and dedication to Assyria blah blah blah...he even went to Baghdad looking for any Christians who were hurt.

...I've been slammed all over the family targetted and the rest of it...yet I would never dream of being silenced...I just wanted to see what these other heroes were made much THEY could take...and we're not talking about Sanctions or starvation or war...just HUMILIATION...that's all...just WORDS...just unpleasant the kind they never tire of hurling against anyone they please. I can't say in all fariness that Robert was guilty of this kind of thing...but then neither was I when they started on me. They only became this "polite" when THEIR balls got fried for a change. I took off after Robert's wife, the most innocent of all...a nice enough, shy, sweet young Assyrian woman...I "exposed" her "sordid past"...said what she did on her honeymoon and how that was illegal at the time...but that she and any hooker can do it safely now...and I went on in two or three posts like that...disgusting and low down...but learned from them.

..I told Robert that if I EVER caught his name posting again anywhere...his wife could expect more of the same...and from that day, two years ago, he has never posted again...all his "passion" and "love" for "his people" disolved quickly when he caught a rolling pin upside his head from an enraged she had every right to be.

...I can get rid of Aprim the same way...Peter and Wellfed too...I know things about Wellfed's mother he would die to see posted...but I made my point.

...while their "brothers" in Iraq are being dragged through hell...while Robert and the rest play into Bush's murderous scheme...while they insult and slam the Iraqis who are defending BetNahrain from Christian terror...these dweebs and cowards won't allow a hair on their loved one's pubic areas be ruffled "for Assyria".

...if I feel the urge...I'll find the name and family name of Mrs Firas...and I'll post enough scurrilous libel and slander to sink her. Or...we can all stop these sorts of things and try to behave better...but that goes for ALL of us...and it doesn't count that now that the boys see how it feels...they clean up their act...on the surface. It's going to take more than that,,,it's going to take an overhaul in "Assyria".

Anyone wanna bet you'll never read a post by Firas again....if I decide?


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