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Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Saturday, August 6 2005, 17:55:42 (CEST)
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Re: Assyrian Genocide Slogan

Posted By: Randi (
Date: Thursday, 4 August 2005, at 1:40 p.m.

In Response To: Genocide Awarenss Day in Canada (Alda Benjamen)

The following should be echoed in the commemoration of the Assyrian genocide:

3/4 of the Assyrian population lost their lives to massacred during the last century.

...bullshit. So long as you fail to commemorate ALL the Christians killed in Iraq your point is nothing but a thinly veiled attack on Muslim Assyrians...twenty times MORE Christians were killed in this war YOU wanted than in Simele...yet you only wail for those three you that may seem right and Christian..but I assure you it stinks to anyone else.

The Assyrians were the innocent victims, and everyone knows who were the criminals who commited those atrocities against the Assyrian people.

...yes, most of them WERE the innocent victims...but they were the victims of their OWN people who believed in their British Messiah...if you take up arms for and take pay from the people attacking the country you live are a traitor and can be shot trial and no time taken...just summary execution. And, thanks to you and that we see that the Christians allowed themselves the right to go kill Iraqis for what FIFTEEN Suadis did...obviously there is no need to be carefull or measured in your can kill ANYBODY you want to...on the flimsiest excuse...even kill their why should the Iraqi army NOT have had the same privillege of indiscriminate retaliation against civilians..what do you think Bush is doing?

The slogan of the Genocide commemoration should be:

* * * Land for Blood! * * *

...and there's your dirty little secret...your "tactic". This is how low you've sunk under Christianity...while the Kurds FIGHT for what they SET UP your OWN people...hoping that ENOUGH of their blood shed will WIN YOU LAND! You fucking ghoul!

i.e. an independent Assyria in return to the blood of the massacred Assyrians, and anything less than that is unacceptable.

...has anyone ever cared what is acceptable to you? Who, besides your mommy, EVER came running to save you?

..there will NEVER be an independent Christlandia..that's what you're REALLY taking about...ferget it.

The most stupid thing that any Assyrian person could accept is to return under the rule of those who persecuted Assyrians and massacred them.

...the most recent people to do that were the Christians of the West...NO ONE in Iraq has "persecuted" Christians...lawbreaking Christians were PROSECUTED, not persecuted...get the language straight will you. It isn't up to you where you is up to you to LEAVE! You jackasses sitting in the lap of luxury have seen to it that the Christians of Iraq got killed for YOUR bargain..your land deed...only you were hoping MORE would have been killed by you could get MORE land for their blood...what a disappoitment for YOU that Christians killed the far greater number of Christians..."oops"! Why didn't you go over and help liberate "your" land?

It would be like someone getting burnt once, then going ahead and stick his hand in the fire once more. mean like trusting the British and then trusting the Americans AND the British years later...and getting KILLED fot it both mean like that?

even a stupid ass wouldn't fall in the same ditch twice.

..oh yes you would! You'll fall in the same ditch EVERY time a Christian strokes your balls with tales of YOUR land being given back to you. If next year Poland decides to attack Iraq..and the next year Germany wants to and following that Russia attacks and promises to "save"'ll support each and EVERY one of them! You want murder and MORE just want MUSLIM blood...but most of all, you want MUSLIMS murdering you can get the goods that come from your bloodsucking Christian religion taught you since you were a bloodthristy pup.

The fact is that Assyrians had paid for that piece of real estate known as Assyria, in their own blood, and they are entitled to it 100%.

..that isn't a fact anywhere. It's your fiction. Native Americans are far more deserving...why don't you return the land under your house to them...set an the right thing.


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