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...thank you Bush
Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Wednesday, August 10 2005, 20:06:11 (CEST)
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Female circumcision surfaces in Iraq By Nicholas Birch, Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor

KIRKUK, IRAQ - Set on an arid plain southeast of Kirkuk, Hasira looks like a place forsaken by time. Sheep amble past mud-brick houses and the odd sickly palm tree shades children's games. There is no electricity.

Yet along with 39 other villages in this region that Iraq's Kurds have named Germian (meaning hot place), Hasira and its people have become noted for presenting the first statistical evidence in Iraq of the existence of female circumcision, or female genital mutilation (FGM), as critics call it. much for liberation...and democracy. This is a hateful practise that is NO part of the Quran. It's a windfall for Bush though...allowing the most backward and reactionary forces to come to the fore is what this war was also about.

...Let's hope they at least castrate Christians.

..America is a corporation...don't you think Bill Gates, as head of another corporation would LOVE to see the janitors at Intel take over the Board?


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