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that ever delightful catholic church....
Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Wednesday, August 3 2005, 21:56:05 (CEST)
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...some years back a woman sued the church because a priest had seduced her and pressured her into an affair...she got pregnant. At the time no one noticed that the lawyers for the Archbishop responsible faulted the woman for not using birth control...that "defense" didn't cause a stir till recently when the same woman went to court asking for increased denying her claims the lawyer for the bishop once again said that the church should not have to pay because the WOMAN was negligent...she should have had a "condom" SHE has the PRICK to begin with!!!

This time around people picked up on the Chuirch's plea that women who are seduced by their priesthood MUST carry condoms at all times...or else what can they expect BUT to get pregnant!

It seems when the church has to shell out money...they get "relative". The Archbishop back then is now in charge of morals and ethics for the church world-wide...a perfect man in a perfect job.

The church has dropped its opposition and will pay up. This should highlight the fact that the church has NEVER done the right thing unless the courts FORCED it to.

It's all about Eve...didn't you know?


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