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Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Wednesday, August 3 2005, 16:38:28 (CEST)
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That same DULL knock again.

As they say in Arabic "Rooh, Allah yinteek"

=== they say in's that same dog barking.

...Okay, you were real how about dealing with an issue...or will you settle for being the class clown of Assria?

...I'll repeat...why do you people only mourn your own family members when a Muslim kills them but remain silent and shed no tears when a Christian kills them?

..I mean think of how it looks to the neighbors: you have two tell us you love your children play with both, you feed both, you send both to schools, you read both of them bedtime stories, you shower both with day a tragedy happens...a lone Muslim kills one are grief faint can't believe are thunder-struck...the neighbors gather around to console you...crowds gather to weep and mourn at the funeral...your priest chants a eulogy...decries senseless and random Muslim violence...asks heaven how anyone can be so cruel as to kill an innocent child...your darling baby is laid to rest...for weeks after that you can be seen at the graveside, weeping...down on your knees imploring your god for patience and understanding to deal with the cruel blows of fate....

...all this while you clutch your last remaining child to you even tighter...that child becomes your life...becomes all you live the repository of all your dreams and hopes...then one day a Christian kills that child...who knows, an accident...carelessness, mistaken identity, a lone, crazed makes no difference because your last darling child is now dead...the neighbors worry..."what will this do to dear Fil", they say, "it will kill him surely for he loved his children so".

Days are seen going to the have a party or two...people are waiting for an announcement in church...a date for the are seen partying at aina...having a good time...a few days after this someone notices a mound of fresh earth in your backyard...the neighbors are stunned..."he buried his kid in his backyard"! People don't know what to one dares approach, they wonder, can a parent who was shattered by the death of one child, be indifferent to the death of the other...why? Was it the child's fault who killed it?

And that's us...your neighbors, watching you go on with your life as if nothing happened to your second child...watching you weep and wail on the anniversary of one child's death...and dance on the anniversary of the other's...and we wonder...and we wait...surely you cared for both children...or maybe neither?


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