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Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Thursday, August 4 2005, 0:26:40 (CEST)
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...China came THIS close to bying a major American energy company...Unocal or Conoco or one of them....thanks to CEOs who take jobs to China...that country will soon have the wealth to buy American corporations...this deal only fell through when the Chinese pulled out, citing unfair dirty tricks on the part of the American government...but they'll be back.

...This is exactly what scared Uncle Sam about MidEast oil wealth...that Iraq or Iran or Saudi might buy up Apple blocks and swatches of real estate...

..But we dasn't dare attack the Chinese...and just give them another few decades and see how strong and rich they are...while we ship our prosperity overseas so we can create a leisure calss of moneyed nobility among ourselves...the Chinese are keeping it close to the chest...building up their Treasury so they can come shopping in America..only they won't shop at Macy's they'll BUY it.

..Right now a few dirty tricks staved off the inevitable..but the day will come when the same logic that drives Capitalists and financiers to go where it's cheapest and where they make the most profit, will drive them to sell to the highest bidder...America, the country that thought to buy out everybody and everything...will have helped make others strong enough to buy IT!

Won't that be a kick in the ass....we'll see who will holler for PROTECTIONISM then!


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