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=> they're sending me to the Sudan again...

they're sending me to the Sudan again...
Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Saturday, August 6 2005, 19:30:19 (CEST)
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...the objectionable cuss words were the excuse not to deal with the issues surrounding those cuss words...take the cusswords away and THIS is the calibre of response awaiting you...

...when you ask them a question they can't answer directly without giving the show away...they go somewhere else entirely as a diversion...

In Response To: definition of "Martyr" (beezelbub)

You forgot the Islamic definition of Martyr:

...I didn't forget has nothing to do with anything I raised in my post...I specifically SAID in THIS country and this country is not Islamic...yet.

According to Moslems, if a Moslem kills an infidel, and in the process of conducting the killing he is killed too, then he is a Martyr, he goes to heaven and spends the rest of his eternal life having sex 72 virgins. infidel is NOT a Christian or a Jew...try to get that straight at infidel is a PAGAN...Jews and Christians are protected by Islam...but NO criminal murderer is forgiven in America, Christian or not...and NO criminal is forgiven in Islam, Muslim OR Christian. If Christians behave in illegal and despicable ways, ways in which even YOU admit are "not-Christian", then they can't expect the tolerance and protection shown by Islam to REAL Christians and Jews... they CANNOT claim to be "persecuted" for their religion when brought to justice for crimes...and this war is a huge crime against humanity...against a very SPECIAL humanity.

...the 72 virgins, as silly as they are, are a vast improvement over your Christian paradise which has NOTHING in it that anyone on earth ever enjoyed in their lifetime....what do YOU people do in YOUR heaven...count sheep?

Please don't waste your time and my time explaining your enterpretation to me, explain it to the Moslems who beleive that.

...I never watse my time...people like you are not the ones I am speaking to...I don't have to explain anything to anybody...certainly not at your suggestion...I was saying that the definition of maryr in America is NOT what you people realy mean "victims" and then not even ALL victims...the Christians killed by your American pals are no problem for you.


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