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those fleeing Christians....
Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Sunday, August 7 2005, 17:22:12 (CEST)
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...60,000 and climbing...and if more of them could, they'd leave as well. It's something to contemplate...the boys want us to believe the Muslims forced them out...only we can't remember any time in Iraq's history when such a thing has happened. Every time an Aprim left Iraq for a job somewhere else he told his relatives he was going on a Diaspora...all by himself.

There were 60,000 Christians who did NOT go on a Diaspora...stayed right there and dealt with life in Iraq just us ONE instance when that many Christians ran out in such a short space of time...and remember, the last time Christians ran in such numbers they were taken IN by Iraq.

It hasn't been fear of being killed as Christians by Muslims that's driven them out...the Christians targeted by Muslims have been collaborators who got what any collaborator would...and they've killed far more Muslim collaborators as well.

The church bombings were no reason to leave...just stay in your home and pray...unless of course going to church is really ALL there is to being "Assyrian". Hells bells there aren't that many people IN any church to begin with...certainly not 60,000 who ran out just so they can attend church!

These 60,000 and the thousands more who would join them in an instant are not leaving because of anything a Muslim did....but rather because of what Christians did to the ENTIRE country.


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