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Posted by beezlebub (Guest) - Saturday, August 6 2005, 19:41:49 (CEST)
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..what if the Brits had changed Iraq's name to Assyria in 1918...but everything else remained as it was?

Would it be any satisfaction today if the newspapers said 600,000 ASSYRIAN babies had been starved to death by Christians? Would this war and the official and overwhlming TERROR the Christians have brought to the people of BetNahrain be MORE pleasing to the boys if the headlines all screamed about the need to ATTACK ASSYRIA? Would they THEN admit these crimes? Or would we see them at their ugliest and most truthful...would we then be watching as they HAD to say, "there is a difference between Muslim and Christian you can KILL the Muslim ones".

Would we THEN finally see that this has nothing to do with "Assyria" and never did...that it's just another Holocaust of Christians against Muslims, this their last one against the Jews?

Would we finally see exactly what these boys are...traitors to Assyria in the pay of CHRIST? What do you suppose would be the fate of Americans who moved to foreign lands in disgust at the way they were treated in America...who insisted however on being allowed the RIGHT to vote on constitutional matters in the United States? What would they be called if they, as AMERICANS and PROUD OF IT...called for an attack against America? Would anyone in the world believe they were the TRUE Americans who LOVED America? Hell no...whatever THEY said their motives were they'd be seen as traitors, worthy of death should they ever come back to America.

It's the name "Iraq" that allows these boys to fake it. Names...everything with the boys depends on NAMES...words...and NOTHING else.


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