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Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Sunday, August 7 2005, 2:58:04 (CEST)
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...the religious people want to cripple science...of course they can't come out and say that...but one good way to begin is to make a laughingstock of it in America at least...and they're trying to do that by introducing "Intelligent Design" an alternative to common sense. The trouble with intelligent design is that the people who thought it could fool anyone weren't that intelligent to begin with.

The universe is indeed complex and wonderful and everything in it is a natural miracle...miracles that FAR outshine the carnival tricks these dweebs ordinarily count as miraculous...the only thing miraculous about the bible's miracles is that any fool would fall for them...when a blade of grass is ten times the miracle and exists all by itself.

Their notion that there MUST be some "mighty" thing or other behind all this is a roundabout way of coming back with their supernatural explanation, otherwise known as god...anything less than a god and you're asking the same question, where did HE come from...and it is ALWAYS a "he". It doesn't change anything or answer's the same old other "force" could have done all of this...nothing less than a deity...and that means you buy into the same backwards assholes who diodn't know what soap was for or where to park their dicks at night.

The idea that a watch MEANS a watchmaker, which means a also twaddle...if you find a watch in the forest there is NO mystery as to who made it, maybe how it get there, but we all KNOW who made it...we all know damn well that WATCHMAKERS make watches...we can SEE how it's done and have the entire process explained to us...a watch is a MAN MADE thing to begin with...a tree or lion is we're still back where we started...we don't know WHO or HOW this was done...but that doesn't make it the less miraculous and worthy of our keep coming back to a "supreme deity"...a supernatural agent DEFINED by very stupid people is just a way to keep their stupidity in place over US. No one told them what to preach in church...let them stay there.


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