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Posted by beezelbub (Guest) - Thursday, August 4 2005, 4:36:12 (CEST)
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...they're a bit stuck over at aina...Aprim posted this morning of course...he was fairly bursting to get on there...but had to complain enough before he could...which is the same way they think they'll get "Assyria".

Aside from some perfunctory answers to Aprim, two to be exact...the board seems bored. Maybe they're still in shock...after all, how often does an Assyrian get on there? Talk about your shock and awe!

It's just possible that they're reading...slowly...and maybe...thinking? Naaaaah!

I think they hate the sight of all those posts...all those questions and issues that were left hanging over their a constant and unpleasant reminder that they really have nothing to say about anything of substance...I'm sure they'd LIKE the board to move along and send those posts to oblivion...but that won't hapoen until enough of them write something...and what can they write about when they all see and we see that they are ignoring the most pressing issues we they have always done?

Oh how dearly they would like to have those posts removed for them...but for some reason that hasn't happened...maybe it's too close a reminder of how other people are "disappeared" in NON-democracies...maybe they have SOME small scrap of integrity between the lot of them...or in whoever was the moderator or is.

They feel a little silly probably even MENTIONING their upcoming day of wailing for "martyrs"...because there's a cloud hanging over the entire thing...a cloud and a stench. Each call now to "remember"...will be followed by a silent thought..."we remember only SOME"...and it's just too soon to play the hypocrite's part with that same gusto they used to that's ruined for them.

What's left? Shall they post some more demandses about their rights under democracy? About how a REAL democracy will guarantee minority and UNPOPULAR mine at aina and theirs in IRAQ?

That too will fall with a thud over there now...after they said their discomfort level is a legitimate driving force for THEIR democracy...and are terrified the Muslims might notice and apply the same standard to them when THEY say those unpopular, "your home belongs to me".

Just what CAN they talk about? Is this the time to remind themselves they just watched as their hope to be able to determine the "fate" of democracy or anything else, in Iraq blew away THROUGH democracy? One fellow made a feeble attempt to EMPOWER them by suggesting they should PROTEST STRONGLY...this time...but no one took up this stirring call to talksomemore...and it's laying there dead.

When all is said and done...they are shown up yet again for just what they are...low caliber Christians and traitors to Saddam always suspected...who are desperate to lend some "stuff" to their tarnished self-image by tacking on the name "Assyrian"...and that's all.

And they helped me do it...wullah, without their help it would not be possible...just as without their war the Kurds could not have taken the north...nor the Shiia strip their women. These people are a danger to themselves...they undo and are enemies to themselves more than anyone ever cared to be...or needed to be.

Frear what? The only danger they present is that they'll faint on YOU.


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