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10 things you probably donít know about Yom Kippur How to appease the demon
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, September 11 2013, 23:25:51 (UTC)
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This is from the piece I posted earlier, but I could not post the excerpt which I found interesting. The article is from the Israeli Haaretz written by Elon Gilad:

Yom Kippur is an Akkadian rite

There is good cause to believe that the ritual of Yom Kippur comes from a more ancient non-Jewish rite. Several Akkadian and Babylonian texts discovered in the early 20th century reveal that ceremonies similar to Yom Kippur were observed by these peoples, well predating the earliest Hebrew references to the day, which date from the 5th Century BCE.

For example, the Babylonians had a temple purification ceremony that was a part of their new year holiday Akitu, celebrated in the month of Nissan. Their ritual involved appeasing gods and cleansing the temple from sin and uncleanliness.

The word used by them for this action was kuppuru Ė sounds familiar, doesn't it. "The high priest will call for the slaughter and he will cut off the head of the sheep and the exorcist will perform ukappar on the temple with the carcass of the sheep," one inscription describing Akitu in an Akkadian temple reads.


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