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9/11 unremembered
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, September 11 2013, 16:00:25 (UTC)
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No one discusses causes any longer...not actual ones. Instead we're given "they were always like that"...and "they're jealous of our lifestyle"....everything that has happened to the West at the hands of Muslims is put down to the way THEY are...nothing is our fault...we didn't do anything to bring thier anger and frustration down on our the spoiled American brat who tells his mother, "THEY" did it to me....and his doting and dotty mother never thinks to ask, "Yes dear, but what did YOU do to them"? It's incredible...the United States is the BULLLIED one....WE are at an Arab's the Nazi blamed the bullies always do.

The turmoil in the MidEast would be simple to unravel, even today...but we'll never do it because it suits us just fine. By "us" of course I mean those who profit off of misery and that's a surprising number of people.

You just have to remind yourself that all this is NOT "inevitable" is NOT "foreordained" is NOT the way "things are"...and it definitely isn't the fault of Sunni, or's Christians...them people again....they persecuted the Jews for 1000 years and brought them to utter desperation...then they made an effort to "save" them, forcing the remaining ones they hadn't managed to gas (yes, Christians used gas and as always in far greater numbers and horror!!) the midst of Muslims...and waited...and waited...and when it took Muslims too long to respond...they upped the ante by making their Israeli stooges (though they would whimper that THEY were the stooges of the Jews) provoke and provoke and provoke and always with the blind "loyalty" of the United States and Britain too, until some elements fought back...and THEN the Christians had their pretext...and we've all been suffering for it ever since.

....remember the real causes of 9/11 and also how welcome it was to those same people who've learned to profit from fear and paranoia and death...they're the same people Eisenhower tried to warn us against...they cover themselves in the flag and patriotism but if you look only a little, you'll see their bloody hands.


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