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America's weird "morality"
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, September 5 2013, 2:00:59 (UTC)
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...arw we supposed to forget that the very same people who admittedly waged an illegal war, based on pure lies, killing hundreds of thousands of babies and who knows how many others, plus countless refugees and the ruination of an entire country that was entirely innocent and had never done anything to us, are the SAME people now talking about the moral "necessity" of taking action against Syria???

Really? What kind of morality is this? Answer: Christian morality. And why Christian? because in the Christian religion people are moral when they accept the murder of an Innocent to cover their own crimes, and are also exhorted to accept, gladly, the benefits that come from that murder...killing innocent people and benefitting from their murder is the entire basis of Christianity. The rest of the stuff is window dressing or shared in common with other religions...but this, this business about gaining benefits by killing an entirely innocent victim, to benefit YOU, is the one thing unique to this religion and this religion wonder Christianity is the bloodiest religion the world has ever known.


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