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An Interesting tune
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, August 29 2013, 21:02:53 (UTC)
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I'm old school. I don't listen to Hip Hop.. there's a poet/actor/writer name Saul Williams who lives in Paris now. I had the pleasure of impressing him by inviting him to a classical Persian/Armenian/Turkish concert. Anyway, this is not him... this is a group called Immortal Technique. The song is from 2005, but for what Hip Hop is, I found what these guys do with this tune impressive... considering how tired I am of the bullshit rap music celebrating Capitalism and "your bitch gonna suck mine cause I got bling" you know what, fuck you! These are fake-ass celebrity characters sketched by some hip Jewish kid who "grew up with Ma' niggas".. yeah, on the Upper East Side while his dad and his developer business associates gentrified the Lower East Side to fucking West Los Angeles... Anyway.. this a group who's intentions in using their musical talents counter the pro-Capitalist player rappers... nothing but rich slaves.


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