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Bravo Obama...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, May 10 2012, 4:13:19 (UTC)
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...his two greatest accomplishments will be having been born half-Black, in America that's all-Black...and what he did today in announcing his support for Gay marriage.

For those who like Obama, and I don't, just consider that the Republicans fucked up SO badly that racist America voted in a Black man as president...which is the reason I say DRAFT BACHMANN...or Santorum, or even CAIN! Because that's how you get a better Obama, by getting a worse Bush...maybe not a much better one but you get the point; until things go to the dogs some more we're not going to get any improvement.

But the Gay thing was spot on....this thing has to come down to a has to because the Christians have had it all their way and it's time to reassert the primacy of our Constitution, which has taken a severe beating....who gives a fuck what Christians think about marriage? This is a question of civil rights...and that a Black man, a child of the Civil Rights Movement, who got to the White House on the back of that movement, should be speak out in defense of yet ANOTHER Civil Rights issue...well, that's wonderful, is all.

The same Christians who rant about how their god insists that we only marry who he wants to, are the same ones who said their god didn't want Blacks marrying Whites...didn't want Blacks voting...didn't want Blacks attending all schools...and on and on...we've heard enough from this god...he can go to was his idea in the first place.


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