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=> Democrats will lose when they win....

Democrats will lose when they win....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, November 5 2018, 15:32:49 (UTC)
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Liberal democracy has been failing badly for a few generations...and when the Democrats win, they will lose for the simple reason that all the cherished programs of the Democrats require huge sums of money to be put into effect...and that money comes from taxes and almost all Americans hate paying taxes.

The wealthy, who control the private banks which make up the Fed, in America and elsewhere, can strangle an economy if they choose.

It's been the strategy of the wealthy to weaken federal government by joining it and then cutting taxes and programs till the people, severely underserved, are ripe to be fooled by a miracle-man, Hitler or Trump and all in between.

People are being worked to death and ill health with hardly any compensation worth the trouble...but it's a treadmill so they keep treading...only opiods and other heavy drugs seem to ease the pain.

It isn't "heightened awareness" people are looking to from their drugs but diminished consciousness, oblivion.

There's a great social experiment going on all around us; how much will people (and now, the planet) take before something serious snaps...and who will be the first trillionaire and at what human cost to the rest of us.


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