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Divided Country Rag....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, November 8 2018, 15:29:48 (UTC)
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...what is this divided country nonsense? Of course we're is everyone else and they have been since each country was born. Who is unified? When was America unified? It's only that the white male side was overwhelmingly dominant and had been since the country was founded....they just weren't in conflict over white male things...all 13 colonies were eventually "unified" in only a few things...slavery, women's second class status and joining a Federation.

The Civil War showed how divided we were and Jim Crow continued the division...only after Civil Rights and Women's Liberation and Gay Liberation and the backlash they inspired among, guess who...the same white males...that we started to hear gasping over "a divided country".

Let's stop denying it or trying to make nice with the mental inheritors of the Old South...even if many of them moved north. We ARE divided and for good reason...and we should get MORE divided until, this time, we beat the Southern mentality to a pulp.

We never finished the Civil War and we certainly are in a war now against groups which have fought to liberate themselves from the white tyranny. The North sold out the slaves they freed by ending Reconstruction and handed the freed slaves over to the vicious mercy of the whites who knew they'd been defeated just to end slavery...Blacks were left unprotected for 100 years until they rose up and forced the Feds to do, a little, of the right thing they failed to do earlier.

We are at war, let's not deny or run from it. The Fascists are forming, again, and if we wait to confront them, like we did the last time, there will be even more hell to pay this time.

But even if we win that fight it won't be over. The failure began decades ago when religious folk, who else, began complaining to public school officials that they didn't want their children learning "new fangled idears"...and stop teaching them about Darwin....and no sex education or really any education at all. This was likely more rampant in the rural districts...any parent could get "outraged" and force a school principal to just stick to the Three R's and even THERE the schools were failing more and more...and the school system had to cave...didn't have to, but it did...little by little...and Trump loves the poorly educated...for good reason.

Democracy doesn't work without a well educated can be worse than monarchy or even dictatorship in the end, because, how do you end Fascism without massive amounts of blood shed?

It's just rule by massive ignorance, prejudice and superstition...and that's how religion works. No wonder Putin is making nice with the Church again...even dictators NEED religion or, a religiously based system of FAITH and BELIEF....anything but rational thought and respect for evidence.

It's true that officially Hitler, Stalin and Mao were anti-established religions, but they benefit from thousands of years of religious inculcation and preparation of millions of people to have BELIEVE instead of think...and find out. The ground had been made fertile for centuries...all they did was make gods of themselves for the people to "have faith in".


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