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Doesn't matter....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, December 2 2019, 20:56:59 (UTC)
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...what Trump has done, what crimes etc. Like he said, he could shoot someone and his followers would stick with him...his most ardent followers could give a shit what happens to government or the country...what matters to them is getting "back" their culture...meaning racism, misogyny and the rest of the old horrors.

It's funny to hear newscasters detail Trumps policies and errors and crimes, as if those really mattered...neither FOX nor Cable can afford to tell the truth because they are all about revenues and that comes from advertisers...if Cable goes after the people who voted for Trump and love him better now, they risk alienating viewers which means less eyeballs staring at ads for Ford and the rest...that's the everloving bottom line...not the country or patriotism or any of that window dressing.

Trumpsters want that third Supreme Court justice, more than they want jobs jobs jobs, because that will lead to validation of their religious views regarding abortion....and Gay marriage and even Gay rights etc.

In the long run their side will lose...they have been on their way out for decades hence the could take a few decades more but the human population, worldwide, is moving away from such has been for 5000 years, with predictable backslidng along the way...but the clear trajectory is plain to see.


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