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Donny's Jerusalem Move
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, December 8 2017, 18:20:45 (UTC)
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Trump's move was to please that red-head Israeli billionaire scumbag casino pimp, Sheldon Adelson (who bankrolled Trump and wishes to drop two nuclear bombs on Iran: one on the desert; the other on busy Tehran); then, Israeli billionaire and yet another scumbag, Haim Saban, who backed Hillary, who as Secretary of State under Obama, said: "I'll obliterate the Iranians"... in addition to her psycho-bitch laughter in between revealing, "we came, we saw, he died", in regards to Col. M. Qaddafi, who was assassinated by a French intelligence officer(a "Jackal", in CIA lingo).

But... as Arabs and Muslims (and some Eastern Christians, too) blame Jews for what Trump did (in designating Jerusalem as Israel's "eternal" Capitol), they miss the point. This has nothing to do with Jews. Sure, they'd love to gain Jerusalem as Israel's Capitol, but it's not that important... not now, at least. The same U.N. which sanctioned a homeland for the Jews in 1947 (which we now know that the Resolution was "pushed through" with relentless arm twisting), AND---which is always reiterated by psycho-Zios that--- "the U.N. and the world's nations voted for a Jewish State in Israel, blah... blah... blah...". Then why is it that the same U.N. which Zionists praise for taking Arab land and giving it to European Jews has somehow become "anti-Israel" because of last year's Resolution 2334 in which all nations of the Security Council voted 14-0, with the U.S.'s unprecedented refrain as opposed to past sessions' U.S. vetos... which this time, gave the Palestinians the justice for which they've been struggling... but only on paper... and only this one time, under Obama.

Here's what I think: Trump's base are made up of Fundamentalist Christians, many of them Christo-Zios, among whom are weak-minded black Southern Baptists who just love Israel and the Jews (but for the wrong reasons). I'll cut this short: Trump's base are the white Christian blue collar types (although, as I mentioned above, there are plenty of black Christians, Filipino and Hispanic right-winger, Zio-Loving, Muslim-hating (most have never had a Muslim friend, nor know which Muslim countries are Arab, which are Persian, which are Turk, which are Pacific Islanders)... Trump needs his Christian base. So to please them, he made his Jerusalem move. Why? And, why now? Because the Christo-Zios hate secular diaspora Jews who make up a healthy voting block in the Dem.'s Party and advocate for liberal and progressive causes---unlike their hard-Right Israeli fascists---mainly from Crown Heights and Russia--- who've been terrorizing civilian Arab population, armed to the teeth, and backed by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). So, with Trump's declaration of Jerusalem being the "eternal Capitol of the Jewish State", he's given his base of Christo-Zio nutters who voted for him in 2016.... a guaranteed vote for his 2020 presidential campaign. The Christo-Zios believe that world Jewry must be repatriated back to Israel (Palestine), this gathering of "the Chosen" will speed up the "Second Coming of Jesus", "Armageddon", "the Tribulation", and "the Rapture" for the "Elect", those chosen by god.... And... the Jews. But only 144,000 slots are open for Jews to apologize to Jesus for "killing" him, not following him, making jokes about him, and hating his followers for a history of violence and hate. The number, 144,000, has to do with the multiplication of the 12 tribes of Israel times itself: 12 times 12 =144,000. What about the rest of the 15 million Jews? Guess they'll be left behind with the rest of us during "the Tribulation". Perhaps, they should start being nice to their Arab cousins---since eternity is a long time, I hear.


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