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Everything That is Wrong with Christianity...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, May 20 2012, 1:05:25 (UTC)
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...can be seen in its stand against EQUAL rights. The Church was opposed to equal rights for Blacks, for women, for Protestants, meaning it's OWN people....and it stands against equal rights for Gay people.

If you're a Christian and you believe your god doesn't want Gay people marrying then DON'T MARRY a GAY Person! That's it, it's've done your duty to your god...likewise, don't get an abortion, if you believe it is wrong, don't you do it.

You would think that's "religious freedom" enough...the freedom to do as you believe....but oh no, ladies and's not enough for them.

That's not what this religion is's about their freedom to curb YOUR's about being an evangelical, which doesn't mean spreading the good word, it means forcing YOUR word down other people's throats which, if it were any Good, you wouldn't have to means telling people who don't believe in your god to do as YOU say, he says.

And, once again, we humans are going to have tell this god and his religion where to get off....mainly, OFF our backs! We've had to pull his fangs and trim his claws many times before...and we'll do it again.


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