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For The sake of Argument...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, May 1 2012, 2:08:33 (UTC)
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..lets say the Turkey tablet is right, that Syria was defintely derived from Assyria and that everyone else is wrong...but here again, this does not advance the Christian claim to being descended from the ancients....let's say all those decades and centuries we were really meaning Aturaye when we said does that show that we are directly realted to the ancients?

And how do you deal with the fact that these Aturaye knew NOTHING of their so-called ancient history? This must be the ONE time in history when it didn't matter at all that anentire people forgot their language...someone tell our parents to calm down..if we forget "our language" today it apparently won't mean a thing...200 years from now we'lls till know "who we are" why is everyone in such a sweat that we need schools so we DON'T forget? didn't hurt the Assyrians any...cause HERE THEY ARE!

And also, what about the fact that when the Catholics came and changed some Nestorians into Catholics, they added the name Chaldean to themselves...and then, because they were jealous, the remainign Nestorians decided to also be ancient and adopted Chaldean Nestorians, as against Chaldean Catholics? Why didn't the remaing Nestorians stick with Suryaye, since they ALWAYS knew it meant Aturaye? How come they didn't come out and SAY they were Aturaye...why would they adopt the name CHALDEAN for themselves, if they "knew all along" that they were Assyrians...even though they were SAYING Syrian?

On top of all of this, how does that confrim that these Christians are the ONLY Assyrians allowed? I'll bet Rollinger didn't know that. There was confusion over the names back then...there is still confusions, and regardless of all, there is no way to prove these Christians of today actually have any genetic or any other tie to the ancients EXCEPT for a name...and as Dr Joseph pointed out; in the Mid East people claim to be descended from ancient heroes all the time.


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