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Fox News as usual
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, May 6 2012, 1:38:40 (UTC)
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It looks like I haven't missed anything since I stopped watching it for the last decade. I was flipping through the tv and seen an organizer of the occupy wall street movement and that Sean Hannity asshole was chewing him out without giving him a chance to speak. All he kept saying is get a job, stop wasting time and if you weren't wasting time protesting you could get job. In other words, just shut the fuck up, don't complain, go work for minimum wage even though you have a degree and just accept anything we do to you. If you don't like it, too bad. Sounds fascist to me but what do I know. The only thing I know I guess is that most of the poor people work or have worked their ass off yet they are still living check to check. I guess just blame the terrorists, gays, alcoholics and immigrants. Don't blame the one who is acrually screwing you even though his wealth is increasing while you are living in a toilet, and not because you're lazy but because you have been screwed too long.

And then you look at Obama being called a softy and too nice to the "bad guys" even though he has expanded the wars, it means Romney and Gingrich will do even more than that. Pancho was right when he said vote for the worst candidate possible, the bigger war lover because they will do exactly what these people need. Vote for the bigger asshole and I agree since it won't change anyway but maybe it will help these idiots wake up after they been fucked enough or maybe they won't since they too stupid and brainwashed by the propaganda machine. They'll just blame the "fags" and immigrants and terrorists for all of it.


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