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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, April 30 2012, 15:23:21 (UTC)
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..a lengthy article about Cavalli Sforza...he is quite a guy...and I know now more than ever that our assyrians haven't the faintest clue as to what he is really everything else with these guys, it is indeed their INTERPRETATION, not his research findings at wonder they want to claim that it's ALL just opinion.....anyway this struck me as interesting...

"ALREADY HE HAS ASSEMBLED a detailed account of our wanderings by comparing genetic overlaps across populations. To geneticists, a "population" is essentially a group of people who are more likely to marry one another than to marry anyone outside the group. Cavalli-Sforza has focused on groups that haven't mixed much with others, because intermarriage could dilute the genetic signals of ancient migrations. Examples include the Navajo, the Basques and the Saame people (Lapps) of Scandinavia."

...well, for starters the ancient Assyrians, right up to the time Christianity fucked them over, mixed with there hasn't been a pure sample of anything assyrian in a 1000 years and more.

..." a group of people who are more likely to marry one another than to marry outside the group."

...what do we say about those who marry "outside" the assyrian group? Why, they aren't "assyrian" any more...especially if they marry a MUSLIM. That's what Sforza was really measuring, and he admits it...we already know our Christians refuse to marry Muslims, for the most all you have, over time, is a A group, never mind what they call themselves or their religion, for now...but a group of people who will NOT marry with another, different group of people...never mind their reasons, for now. All your research will tell you is that this one group, will not marry that other group....that's all.

And, among those who call themselves assyrians, it took no science to determine that. Reading more about Sforza I know what he would say to all of Freed's nonsense...and I know he would understand Dr Joseph's findings perfectly well...because all Joseph has done is put down, in one place, all the historical evidence that exists which shows that Assyrians are a modern invention...that's all...takes no science, not even a degree in history...even simple journalism/research could have done it.


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