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Huge Mistake.....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, June 1 2017, 18:00:00 (UTC)
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Looking back over several years trying to see where we veered off course, or took a wrong turn, that helped get us here where white people are more concerned with retaining their power than with what benefits the nation or the planet, I think a big mistake was when schools began listening to "offended" parents who exerted way too much influence over schools and teachers and school boards.

I can remember in high school parents complaining about any teacher who was "critical" of United States policies, or spoke too frankly about our actual history where human rights is concerned...and, of course, anything which went against their "deeply felt religious views".

There's been a huge backlash over the "permissiveness" of the has built up slowly but its effects are all too evident. Of course a lot of good came from that but at the same time we weren't diligent enough in making sure to take the whole country with us...we left pockets of superstition and ignorance to fester and the puss has congealed into a Trump.

The Dems are at fault just as much when they too chased after Wall Street and money instead of keeping their progressive promise much so that we have the absurd sight of a billionaire "champion of the little guy"...who's been screwing little guys all his life....but HE was the one who spoke to the common man...because the Dems lost interest right along with the Repubs...till Trump saw an advantage he first recognized, in of all people, Bernie Sanders.

We should never have given way to ignorance and superstition in our schools...especially in rural areas. Government should have insisted that there were enough churches to handle all the voodoo people felt they needed and that if parents were finding it impossible to drag their kids to church on Sundays it didn't mean they could fight to bring superstition into the schools, through a back door, just so they could keep Cleetus ignorant and therefore ripe for religion.


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