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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, September 16 2013, 18:00:41 (UTC)
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I posted something simple about how good it is that Maggie has a free and open forum without passwords or pre-approval and how this shows confidence and courage....and I get this in reply.....

SpeakAssyria Forum

Your profile now appears as shown below. You should shortly receive your password by e-mail; it will allow you to post messages on the forum under this user name and to update your profile., you DO need a password to get in. She doesn't mention that when she's telling us how they have a free forum and she has no time to check posts...obviously someone is going to review my post and decide if I'm acceptable..which is not what she says about her forum...she talks like she has OUR forum, but in reality it's just a way of pre-banning and is only "free" to those she approves of...which isn't freedom at all.

It's like her notion of free speech ahs to first be APPROVED has to be speech from people whose views match hers, or who deviate only slightly....why would people who agree with you need to have their right to speak protected by you? Where's the conflict?

The principle and rule of Free Speech was instituted and is valued and protected because people who DON'T agree with you need their right to speak freely PROTECTED...instead, Maggie's understanding of free speech is that she has the FREEDOM to DENY you the right to speak freely when you don;t agree with her.

Like most higher concepts, Maggie and the assyrians miss this one completely...they take it to mean the freedom to DENY freedom to those they don't agree with.

But, let's wait and see if I get a password.


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