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In which the Gauls "forgot"...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, September 14 2013, 18:58:47 (UTC)
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....what would have happened if the Gauls had replaced their language with Swedish and hadn't bothered to translate their rich history, written in their mother tongue, into their new Swedish language?

...the ancient Assyrians replaced their Akkadian language with Aramaic, the language of their mortal foes, and didn;t bother to translate their rich history, written in their mother-tongue, into their new time they forgot who they had's nothing's happened many times....forgetting is one thing, but why on earth didn't the ancient Assyrians, survivors of their days of empire, bother to translate their proud history? If, as the JAAS, that joke of a rag, says that the survivors went on surviving and remembering and even supposedly building back some sort of kinglet....even if their new language of Aramaic replaced Akkadian, why the hell didn;t they translate their old texts into the new language? Why did they let it all go to ruin....?

Instead they walked away from their heritage, replacing it with Jewish fairy tales instead...we learned about Noah and never forgot HIM...but we "forgot" the Mesopotamian source of that legend...we forgot all about Napishishtim, the first "Noah"....for centuries we told of Noah but knew nothing of Napishishtim...where's the pride in that? Where's the "we remembered"? Why didn't we bother to remember Napishishtim? Why only Noah? Is that "Assyrian"...or is it Hebrew?

It took a stroke of luck for that tablet to be found where the Epic of Gilgamesh, something else we knew nothing of and never bothered to translate either, to be found and a Brit to decipher the cuneiform and teach US about Napishishtim.

Reminds me of the bird that doesn't bother to build a nest of its own but looks for an empty one to rob as a home for itself. We have built an identity on sand and are now looking for something else, not belonging to us, to house our "pride". We let that go long point looking for it now.


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