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Iraq Historical Overview, Photographic Evidence
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Saturday, January 13 2018, 15:44:35 (UTC)
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Iraq Historical Overview, Photographic Evidence: "I Never Thought Iraq Would Arrive at What It Is Today"

Latif Al Ani: 'I Was Documenting for the Sake of Archiving. The Iraqi photographer considers his photographic preservation of a long-vanished Iraq, his preoccupation with beauty, and the desire to share his country's pain with viewers

By Angeria Rigamonti di Cuto and Latif Al Ani
Global Research, January 12, 2018

In 1957, the historian Hugh Trevor-Roper described Iraq as "efficient, energetic, prosperous, complacent: a Levantine Switzerland", a description that is now almost impossible to fathom given the later succession of atrocities beleaguering the country - sectarian violence, chemical warfare, a US-led invasion waged on spurious evidence, and Islamic State’s subsequent onslaught. With the photography of Latif Al Ani (b1932), to some extent, seeing is believing, in a series of images presenting scenes of what is often referred to as Iraq's "golden age" of cosmopolitanism, enabled by the flourishing oil industry, a crucial factor in the country's burgeoning prosperity.

--- Follow link to have a better read and access to the beautiful black & white photos of Iraq, during the 1950's:


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