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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, September 18 2013, 20:09:59 (UTC)
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...I'll post their battling articles over Syria/Assyria...but this last paragraph from Frye's rebuttal to Joseph's reply to his article struck me as interesting...

"I wrote my article in answer to the assertion that the word Syria was an
ancient Egyptian word and did not realize the hornetsí nest of modern Assyrian
disputes which arose. I do stand by the last sentences of my article, with the
added observation that disputes over the use of the word Syrian/Assyrian reminds
one of the disputes by Western Christian theologians in the Middle Ages over the
number of angels who could dance on a pin point."

....I think this is quite different from angels on a pin....any answer to the number of angels on a pin is correct...and, also incorrect, since it can never be fact the whole point of the pin and angles is to expose useless and unprovable points of meaningless contention...if Frye is trying to say that this case under discussion also has no meaningful answer, or even NEEDS and answer, I think he is wrong.

...for one thing there CAN be an answer and it can have meaning...further there is a good reason to answer it...where there is no good reason served by finding out the exact number of angels that cna dance on the head of a pin.

...Frye is married to an assyrian...surely he knows of this controversy and also knows the underlying reasons for it. The entire basis of the claim that assyrians "always knew they were Assyrians", is contained here. For we know, and he knows, that all we ever called ourselves was Suraye or "Syrians. That's all I heard growing up...I NEVER heard us call ourselves Aturaye...that term came about, as Joseph states, AFTER WW I....of course people KNEW of the name "Assyrians", for it existed in the bible and poetry etc...but no one called THEMSELVES "Aturaye"...only Suraye.

This is critical because our own people know this to be true and they also know they have to answer the question of why they did NOT call themselves Assyrians, if that was something "we always knew"...why call ourselves the WRONG name?

They answered by saying the two were really the same. Well, of COURSE they said that...what else COULD they say? But then they had to prove it...they had to prove that the ancient Assyrians also called themselves Syrians...or that later people referred to them as also Syrians and so, I imagine, they too came to call themselves Syrians, while really also meaning "Assyrians".

So, it isn;t a matter of pins and angels...which changes nothing for anybody, no matter what the answer. It is far more critical than that because our preposterous claim rests on this very thing...and Frye MUST know for him to trivialize it is IS important, he's just trying to laugh it off so maybe we'll get off the "silly" subject...just like no one still asks how many angels etc.

.....he also doesn't want a skillet upside his head.


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