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Joseph as Journalist....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, May 2 2012, 15:11:23 (UTC)
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...forget history...forget Princeton...forget Brill...forget Franklin and Marshall College.....forget everything else and call Joseph an investigative Woodward and Bernstein, to name a well-known example....these kinds of reporters don't make up the news...they are not "commentators", they are not writing for the Editorial page, or the Opinion Corner...they are investigators searching the records and seeking witnesses and experts and reporting back to their readers on what they found, sure they fill in here and there to keep the narrative going, but they are not giving their opinions, they are giving us what they discovered out there...and they need confirmation. Woodward and Bernstein would not send to print anything they didn't have at least two sources on, no matter how interesting or provocative, good reporters do that.

Dr. Joseph is an investigative reporter, digging through the sources, finding confirmation wherever it exists and a list of supporting witnesses and experts, and he is laying out THEIR case before us for our consideration. Skip the historian part...just look to the evidence he has compiled, evidence anyone else could have dug up had they wanted to.

You can throw out everything in his book that is actually penned by him and just stick to the quoted passages and footnotes, all of them verifiable...and you have the case laid out before you. It might be a bit puzzling, because he isn't there to guide you....but you can figure out this much; there is no evidence presented or existing that proves these Christians are Assyrians....and, there is plenty of evidence to show they got this idea from they admit the Chaldeans did. You don't need Dr Joseph, or a Ph.D, or history, to draw these inescapable conclusions....any journalist could have brought us these bits of information and left us to decide for ourselves...which is exactly what Joseph does...he doesn't insist that they are mistaken; he gives us the evidence to SHOW that they are...if we even bother to read the book.


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