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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, September 5 2013, 7:04:25 (UTC)
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One story of his about a king who watched every day as his subjects drank water from the main fountain and one by one went mad....soon the people began to murmur that their king as mad, not like the rest of day the king reluctantly stole down to the fountain and drank the mysterious waters...after that no oen complained about their king...he was a s sane as the rest of them.

You could go crazy listening to the usual suspects as try to justify war on Syria...even to telling us that firing hundreds of missiles into a country is NOT an act of Orwell would have relished it all....verily, to be normal, by common definition, is to be really insane. If you believe all this rot, like you believed about Iraq and so much could go crazy.


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