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Korea Bullshit....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, July 5 2017, 14:42:44 (UTC)
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Website title: odd partnership between Korea and American war-mongers/profiteers. Korea wants more from the US...we already have been feeding them for a few decades and this is their way for asking for more goods from us...else they'll "threaten us"...and naturally we don't want world war THREE, so we have to give in...the upside is that all this nonsense about their missiles scares the shit out of brave Americans, which makes us ready to go into even deeper debt to fund the Star Wars defense shield, which will make trillions for some lucky industrialists and which only has to fail once to end the is all nonsense, but nonsense with a lot of profit to be made.....

Pakistani girls have more courage than most Amerians.


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