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Maggie opens up....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, May 6 2012, 11:30:24 (UTC)
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I guess they decided to brave it out and let us watch their she is, still on vacation and making a federal case out of it...

"I was told by some Kurds, "your rights are not ours to give to you. You need to live here and TAKE your rights, by any means necessary, as WE did." Are you prepared to live in Assyria and do what the Kurds did?

For example, everywhere I went with my friends and relatives in Nuhadra or Arbil, which is majority Kurdish, they saw that I was Assyrian-American, the Kurds would ask me, "How do you like Kurdistan?" I would ALWAYS say, "There is no Kurdistan. this is ASHURISTAN, and you are living in Ashur, and all those living in Ashur are Assyrians, not Kurds, not Turks, not Arabs." Each and everyone of them replied, "You are right! Come live here and teach us the Assyrian language and culture so that we can remember who we are and start living this reality, instead of what has been taught to us." What more could I say? What am I and all of YOU are waiting for?"

One thing about people of Faith; they believe in lying. Kurds have been fighting since anyone can remember to get a land of their own...and while on vacation Maggie convinced them that they should hand their victory over to assyrians....right. "Come and teach us"...she'd like that to be true...she wants to "teach" the world.

...what are YOU waiting for? Go teach the Kurds the superiority of assyrian culture....go on.


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