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Murder Will Out....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, May 13 2012, 13:16:10 (UTC)
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Website title: it says in can't hide your crimes this sense Homosexuality is going to triumph over the crimes of the Church. Christianity's crimes are coming out, we know more and more how this religion really "spread" and how it's killing the human soul today, even if it offers some candy after fucking you over.

Black Christians especially are caught in the delicious contradiction of citing the same bible as justification for their homophobia as their white oppressors did when justifying slavery. Christianity doesn't liberate, it doesn't teach morality; it justifies cruelty and spreads a lack of moral fortitude by turning people into mouthing parrots.

As whites told Blacks, "it's right there in the bible"....the same phrase Blacks use against Gays, "it's right there in the bible" are second-class and not deserving of the same rights as we.

There is no legal argument against full equal rights for Gays that can win in a court of law...on teevee and at public rallies, yes, but not in a court, not even with these Supremes.....but if Gays lose the legal battle, this country will have taken a big step away from its roots and a lot closer to a tribal madman of a god.


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