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Muslims can become assyrians if...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, May 16 2012, 0:36:28 (UTC)
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...they adopt assyrian "culture"...that is; if they celebrate Christmas and Easter, two very important assyrian cultural celebrations, also embrace Jesus, who is practically Assyrian, ask Parpola...if they renounce Muhammad....if they do all that, plus learn Aramaic and go to an assyrian church, they can become assyrians.

And just to prove they are assyrians our boys invented an Akitu festival because some of them realized that EVERYthing about them and their culture was Christian...has nothing to do with anything Assyrian. So they added yet another NAME, like sticking "Assyrian: in front of the Church of the East...names and declaration are everything to these people...that's because they can't take an action without fainting dead was all they could do to take a taxi to the Baghdad airport...anything more strenuous is beyond them.

More game-playing they think fools anyone but themselves.


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