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No Apology Necessary....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, January 8 2009, 6:58:18 (CET)
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"Thanks for the info and please do not take any offense about me posting it or anything."

..on the contrary....we need every single instance of this kind of thing reported and posted and shouted from the rooftops. It's the same thing as racist whites do when they claim Blacks attacked them...there was recently the young woman attached as a volunteer with McCain'scampaign who told police thta a large Black man attacked her and even carved a giant "B" into her cheek...after some questions she broke down and admitted that she'd made it up...why? For the same racist reason that our Christians blame things on Muslims.

It's no different from exposing the KKK for their lying racism....that's a main reason this site expose the hatred of Christians towards Muslims and Jews too.

The United States Constitution was drawn up by white men, many of whom owned slaves and all of whom denied women equal rights...and yet they designed a system which, hundreds of years later, would allow various despised minorities to also gain equal rights...that's a fantastic achievement and one we need to cherish. It's thanks to women, to Blacks, to Chinese and Gay people that the promise of America is being fulfilled...every racist who would deny any human bean his or her equal rights is an enemy of the US Constitution...we HAVE to expose these people...their type has sneaked into power behind the image of Jesus and Christ and has given us wars and hatred and bigotry for several years's time to fight back and exposing these sorts of things is an important part of the fight.


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