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Obama isn't Black and neither is teevee....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, September 3 2013, 2:49:55 (UTC)
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...having way too much spare time while I sit here and wait on meetings and phone calls and without my studio to keep me occupied I watch more teevee than is good for anyone, except it provides an interesting window into America's black heart...

Just having brown skin doesn't make you Black...Obama is Black by accident of birth...but he's a white man through and who works to keep white power in fact Black people have been hired, not to benefit Black PEOPLE but to help whites by convincing themselves, and silly Blacks, that racism is over, that America is colorblind...right.

Flipping channels I find myself with a visceral reaction of disgust whenever a Black man or woman appears on the's like a slap in the face of cynicism and Racism and a "fuck you" to actual Black people. In this effort to show that Race no longer exists, all the whites have done is place Blacks in white homes, give them white "families" and friends and the same (equal) dilemmas and problems that whites if to show that the truly ONLY difference between the two is the experience of growing up Black, at the hands of whites, is nothing...nothing special, nothing dehumanizing...sort of the same when we see female CEOs hitting on the two sexes are "equal"...even while we know their pay is NOT equal..but where it comes to grabbing ass, they are equal.

"You want equality?...okay, we'll treat you EQUAL", thereby denying and wiping out the actual life-experiences of the groups.

Especially repulsive is a new teevve series titled "The Haves and the Have Nots"...which is a sort of "Downton Abbey", or "Rich man Poor Man" for Blacks..only it's as far from true Black experience as one could the "Have's..." the first false not is that this very wealthy Black family has BLACK servants....or that they're "old money".

But, aside from skin color, the characters are all "white"...they are your generic rich people having the usual rich "problems"...and whites think this shows there is no Racism in fact the Racism not only never went away, but it's taken on a more insidious character because it isn't as can kind of blur your vision and avoid seeing it, whereas you couldn't do that as easily 40 years you can choose to believe there is no racism because you can fool yourself with just these kinds of teevee shows, or with a Black Secretary of State or, better yet, a Black president....but it's infinitely worse, better entrenched and harder to call people to action to defeat, so it doesn't go on ruining all our lives.


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