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=> Okay, just this once I'll do your work for you....

Okay, just this once I'll do your work for you....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, April 30 2012, 1:52:26 (UTC)
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This is from Wikipedia, the only place you'll find any reference to modern assyrians as fact, not opinion....

Further information: Genetic history of the Near East

Late 20th century DNA analysis conducted by Cavalli-Sforza, Paolo Menozzi and Alberto Piazza, "shows that Assyrians have a distinct genetic profile that distinguishes their population from any other population."[109] Genetic analysis of the Assyrians of Persia demonstrated that they were "closed" with little "intermixture" with the Muslim Persian population and that an individual Assyrian's genetic makeup is relatively close to that of the Assyrian population as a whole.[110]

..and this is your idea of science? Let me walk you through this slowly...when there is an issue in contention, as there is with regards to the existence of actual Assyrians today, you cannot USE their names and their existence as a PROVEN FACT. All these fellows have studied are PERSIANS, who SAY they are Assyrian...that is what is not yet proven. It is true, Persian Christians do not mix much with Muslim Where in any of this is their proof that Assyrians exist? The very thing that is supposed to be proven, is assumed as already true....these guys obviously bought the line about assyrians, hook line and stinker.

Cavalli-Sforza et al. state in addition, "[T]he Assyrians are a fairly homogeneous group of people, believed to originate from the land of old Assyria in northern Iraq", and "they are Christians and are possibly bona fide descendants of their namesakes."

...ah, did I see the word "believed"? Then this is just a theory...You guys all say YOU believe Tatian is an Assyrian...but there is EVIDENCE that he is not.

[111] "The genetic data are compatible with historical data that religion played a major role in maintaining the Assyrian population's separate identity during the Christian era".[109]

...religion played a major role in maintaining "the CHRISTIAN population's separate identity". Without first proving that these Christians are Assyrians, you can't act as if it is already proven. I mean really!

...again, these guys are not historians...I promise you if they read Joseph and Toynbee and Gibbon and a hundred other historians, they would realize their error in believing what they were is true: religion kept Persian from marrying PERSIAN...but we knew that already. These guys have offered no proof that assyrians exist, none...they merely show that Persian Christians who CALL themselves assyrians, tended not to marry Persians who are Muslims...I could have told you that.

A 2008 study on the genetics of "old ethnic groups in Mesopotamia," including 340 subjects from seven ethnic communities ("Assyrian, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Armenian, Turkmen, and Arab peoples of Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait")

...this is only valid if you first establish that there ARE assyrians..and this has not been established, in fact it HAS been established that they were invented by Euros...we have the dates and people who did it.

found that Assyrians were homogeneous with respect to all other ethnic groups sampled in the study, regardless of religious affiliation.

...since all Assyrians HAVE to be Christians (I wonder if they dared tell these guys that), their conclusion that religion has nothing to do with it is obviously per what assyrians tell us that ONLY Christians can be these guys were measuring Christians, when they THOUGHT they were measuring assyrians...still, the main thesis has yet to be proven...these guys are simply assuming it is true...very unscientific of them but understandable...give me time.

[112] In a 2006 study of the Y chromosome DNA of six regional Armenian populations, including, for comparison, Assyrians and Syrians, researchers found that, ‎"the Semitic populations (Assyrians and Syrians) are very distinct from each other according to both [comparative] axes.

...oops! then Syrians are NOT also assyrians? My, my, that nasty old science.

This difference supported also by other methods of comparison points out the weak genetic affinity between the two populations with different historical destinies."

...BRAVO! if we needed it, but now we have SCIENTIFIC proof that Syrians are NOT Assyrians...thanks, Fareed.

[113] In a 2011 study focusing on the genetics of Marsh Arabs of Iraq, researchers identified Y chromosome haplotypes shared by Marsh Arabs, Iraqis, and Assyrians, "supporting a common local background." [114]

...what? ARABS are the same as ASSYRIANS...oh bless you science!!!

And thanks Fareed...see, you guys ALWAYS screw yourselves...had I not looked this up I wouldn't have the added material I now have...a kiss from afar!


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