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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, May 19 2012, 21:28:39 (UTC)
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Actually you just reminded me of that and you're absolutely right. The earliest followers of Muhammad, other than his wealthy wife and Abu Bakr, were the poor, slaves and from the lower ranks of Meccan society. It wasn't until later that more of the wealthy started to join and many were against Muhammad because of their wealth and didn't like the idea of women have so much more power, inheritance, right to divorce, choose and refuse marriage. When you look at Jesus on the other hand, you find the Romans who were thieves, oppressors, and wealthy that chose to convert and made Christianity the religion of the empire. The church had all the power, much wealth and property while the average person was a peasant who showered once a year if that. Therefore, that Jesus was a big motherfucker and no wonder those who follow him are the biggest assholes. I bet if he were around today, he be at them picnics and barbecue parties with all them white racists and flag waving patriots.

The biggest assholes were attracted to him and today you see the US is the most fanatical christian country in the west. They put the Europeans to shame and one begins to wonder if Jesus was from the Middle East or perhaps from Missouri or Texas. I fuck their Jesus.


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