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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, May 20 2012, 1:14:53 (UTC)
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That's something I've never understood about Christians when they judge Muslims by Jesus. Christians are supposed to be like Jesus but they totally ignore that and focus on Muslims and how they do not follow Jesus of the Bible. But even if one were to compare Muslims, Christians and Jesus as reported by the bible, one can easily see that Muslims are better followers of Jesus than Christians are. Jesus washed himself and performed his prayers just like Muslims still do today with getting on the ground in total submission to god. Muslim men have beards, fast, eat kosher(halal) do not engage in interests and money scams such as giving loans with high interest rates, etc. Christians do everything that Jesus did not do yet they always telling us how Muslims are wrong, bad and followers of satan. Muslim women cover their hair just like the mother of Jesus and all believing women of her community did while Christian girls stand on street corners with their breast half showing and trying to get people to come to church. They are hypocrites.

I remember one day getting into a heated argument with my uncles and aunts about this issue. They got angry because they knew I was making sense when I said Muslims have more rights to Jesus and love him and his mother more than Christians do. They started mocking Muslims for having beards and their women wearing hijabs and I said Jesus and Mary also were like that. So are they mocking their own god who they claim Muslims hate so much?


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